Frequently Asked Questions


There are many common questions come in the minds. Most of those questions are answered in this page. If your question is still not answered, please send an email at or call me at (+91) 7666 576797.




What kind of wedding photography do you do?

It is strictly candid and journalistic wedding photography. You are definitely not paying me high to get those typical and standard shots taken by studio photographer.

Will you take group shots on the stage?

Sorry, I prefer say NO. if I'm busy shooting the guests in groups on the stage, I'll miss out on the moments happening around. And, you will be spending too much money by engaging me for taking group shots.


Who will take the group shots then?

Traditional/Stage, Videographer and Photographer comes along if you take Gold Package. They do decent job and you will also be happy for not losing further candid moments and portraits of your friends, relatives and guests.


How many photographs can I expect from you?

It depends the package you chose.

Would you transfer me the jpeg files from your memory card to my laptop after the shooting is over?

I shoot in RAW format. Those RAW files have to be edited and then converted to JPEG. To answer you question, I won't transfer files directly from my memory cards. I will deliver only the edited photographs to you.


How you to transfer data?

We request our client to hand over their personal HDD or get us new HDD, so we could copy all data on it. We take two backup of each project, just to make sure we are safe. Once we deliver the data to our client we keep it for four months from the date of delivery and there after we delete from our end. It’s very difficult to maintain huge data for long time.


When will you deliver the edited photographs to me?

Within 4-6 weeks from the date of finishing the shooting (and meeting the payment schedule). I edit each and every photograph. Each of them are given a particular 'look' matching that moment. It takes time.


And how much time do you need for delivering photobooks?

Another 2 weeks after I deliver the edited photos.


Are you only available as wedding photographer in Mumbai/Navi-Mumbai?

No. I am available for any location, state or country.


We are interested and would like to get to know you. Are you available for a personal meeting?

Yes, of course. I'm available on (+91) 7666 576797 or (+91) 9920 376797.